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                                  We exist to create the future of health. We excel at this through our core strength - our people. With great people, we will achieve our goals. Each day, our faculty, staff and students engage in the pursuit of excellence towards a common vision. We're very proud of their achievements and in what we're able to offer them.

                                  • stable sources of salary for our faculty
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                                  • enhanced internal grant review and development support
                                  • acccess to senior trainees as drivers of research
                                  • enhancing a culture of life-long learning and professional development
                                  • leadership training
                                  • enhanced student scholarship opportunities
                                  • enhanced support for student research
                                  • focused professional development programs at all career stages


                                  Precision medicine and precision public health is integral to the Cumming School of Medicine. Western medicine is poised for a transformation in the way we diagnose and treat disease as a result of advances in genomics, imaging and data analyses. We aim to provide Albertans with access to individualized prevention and treatment plans that mean better outcomes with fewer risks - bringing the future of medicine to Alberta.

                                  We’re currently hiring 25 new scientists into precision medicine. It’s such an exciting time to not be average. Join us on this journey as we work to change the way we look at medicine. 

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                                  To learn more about the Cumming School of Medicine, visit or follow us on social media. 

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